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About Us


Eternal Seed is a company that grew out of a personal, family interest in heirloom varieties. The  hybrid  varieties offered today  have been bred for ‘shipability‘.  Not an attractive criteria when no more than 100 feet separates our garden from our kitchen.


We are interested in flavours, textures and aroma and we wanted to be able to sow the seed from our produce to grow next year‘s garden. 


 We also have a concern for the ongoing reduction in bio-genetic diversity.   It is extremely important that the diversity of the past be preserved in order to maintain variety in our food source.  This is why we focus on heirloom varieties.  Should you have information more current than ours that indicates that we are providing a seed variety with erroneous info, please do let us know. 


If you would like to save seed please contact us.  If you would like to donate to our preservation of genetic diversity you can do so below.  Note that this method will charge tax - so allow for that - we can't get the cart to stop doing it!


To donate directly you can email funds to


See you in the garden!



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