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When in Powell River, Visit our shop, and don't forget to say 'Hi' to Misty.

We carry 350 varieties of vegetable seed and 80 each of flower and herb varieties.  Click on the tabs above to shop.


All our seeds from our mail order company are available at our store - as well as new things we are trying ourselves.  So if you are looking for something different to grow from seed, contact us.  If we don't have it we will try to find it.

organic heirloom seeds

We carry a full range of  annuals, perennials, fruit trees, shrubs, and trees.  We carry all types of vegetables starts grown from our own heirloom varieties of seed.

We love to grow new and different things so watch for our new intorductions each year. 

Custom Growing

If you would like specific plants grown for you, we are happy to do custom growing.  Just let us know in advance what you want.

Some of our Plants




Organic Heirloom Seeds

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